Qualified Assistive Technology instructors are vital for the continued success of those who are blind. The Assistive Technology Instructor Program for Texas (ATIP-Texas) is a unique opportunity for customers on a BVI Vocational Rehabilitation Caseload to acquire the learning and teaching skills, technical knowledge of AT software and products, and administrative requirements to provide contracted services for the State of Texas. ATIP-Texas is designed and delivered by AT instructors working in the field.


Developed from ATIP, East Texas Lighthouse’s successful national training program, ATIP-Texas is a fast-paced, 9 week, hybrid learning experience covering an extensive curriculum. In addition to core Assistive Technology concepts, students gain knowledge essential to their effectiveness as instructors such as learning theory, teaching strategies, and more.


Our ATIP course reinforces new concepts and encourages learning through hands-on application, small groups, game-based learning, and interactive activities throughout this synchronous professional development experience.


Counselors interested for their customers can contact Amy Anderson at 903.590.4376 or

Referral Process

1). TWC Counselor sends the following documents to East Texas Lighthouse.


    • Service Authorization requesting ATIP-TX Assessment: $125
    • EAS Report
    • VR1884


2). East Texas Lighthouse conducts assessment with customer.


3). East Texas Lighthouse submits the following documents to the customer and counselor.


    • ATIP-TX Assessment Summary
    • Acceptance or Regrets Communication
    • Assessment Invoice (Sent to VR Counselor)
    • Enrollment Instructions for those accepted or recommendations for those not accepted

Process Upon Acceptance

1). Customer completes enrollment process and selects course dates.


2). East Texas Lighthouse sends VR customer and Counselor enrollment confirmation, dates, and next steps instructions:


A) To VRC:


  • SA Instructions
  • Language to add the following to the customer’s case:


    • ATIP-TX Technology package
    • Approval for transportation expenses (covering transportation to East Texas and ground travel to and from hotel during week 1 and 9)
    • Per Diem coverage of non- group meals during week 1 and 9 (usually breakfast and dinner each day)


  • Counselor Orientation Meeting (8/29 for Fall 2024 cohort)
  • Mid-Point check in with East Texas Lighthouse, Customer, & Counselor (10/14 -10/18)


B). To Customer


  •  Canvas Instructions
  • Questions about current technology
  • Student Orientation (8/26 for Fall 2024 cohort)
  • Mid-point check-in with ETLB, Counselor, & Customer (10/14-10/18)
  • Phase 2 tests with ATU  (Weeks of 10/14-10/18 and 10/28 – 11/1)


3). VR Counselor sends a SA to East Texas Lighthouse which lists all ATIP-TX Modules, prices, and dates.

ATIP-TX Modular Reports

ATIP-TX participants and their VR Counselors will receive a report of the student’s progress toward mastery of the ATIP-TX Course Outcomes. At the end of each module, the report will be updated and shared. At the end of the course, a final summary of the outcomes mastered and scores achieved by the student will be shared.

Levels of Mastery

ATIP-TX graduates’ mastery of the course outcomes is reported as follows: Exceeds Mastery,  Meets Mastery, Nearing Mastery, or Well Below Mastery.

ATIP-TX Course Outcomes

  • Assistive Technology Software & Device Knowledge
  • Professional Competencies (Instructor Skills)
  • Texas Workforce Commission Assistive Technology Services Understanding

2024 Fall Class Info:


September 8 – November 8 (Deadline for enrollment is July 31)


Week 1 – Tyler

Week 2-8 – Remote

Week 9 – Tyler


  • While there is not a deadline for applications, there will be enrollment cut offs for each cohort.
  • You can refer any time, for any cohort. For example, you can refer now for a customer wanting a Spring 2025 class. ( info coming soon on web page).