Ingrained in all of us is a desire to reach certain levels of independence. While we all begin life depending on others for essentially everything, we are designed to eventually apply what we’ve learned and become independent. The transition from dependence to independence comes easier for some than others. For those with learning disabilities, physical handicaps or other obstacles, the road to independence can be difficult to navigate.


At East Texas Lighthouse, we strive to empower the blind and visually impaired to become whatever they want to be. Our goal is to not only point out a path to independence, but to walk it with our clients until they feel empowered to face it on their own.


Living and thriving independently through vision loss is certainly attainable. Daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, managing finances, recreational hobbies, etc. are all realistic possibilities. Whether it’s learning how to travel safely as someone with little or no vision, or finding tools and technology that make daily tasks easier, we’ve got you covered.

Perhaps you’re moving out to live alone for the first time, or wanting to remain in your home to avoid moving to an assisted living facility. We are equipped and ready with technology and training to help you navigate those challenges and provide you the confidence to live independently. Examples include medication management, audible books, cell phone training, transportation options, laundry and home organization, magnifying devices, and much more.


We create customized plans for each client based on their aspirations. We want everyone to feel as independent and confident as possible.


If you feel that you or someone you know could benefit from our services, please contact us at or by calling 888-565-3852.


We look forward to working with you and helping you on your path to independence!