Being blind, visually impaired or dealing with changes in vision should not prevent anyone from having a successful professional career. Through advanced technology and training available at the East Texas Lighthouse and our partnerships with employers in Smith County, there is a pathway for those seeking a job or advancement in their current role. 


East Texas Lighthouse is not only the largest employer of those who are blind in East Texas, but our vision is connecting committed employment partners with qualified job seekers in Smith County, where blindness is not a barrier to employment.

Employment Services Program


If you are looking for employment, to retain employment or seeking upward mobility, the Employment Services Program is for you! Our staff works with clients to improve their skills, confidence, and competence while also developing partnerships and job opportunities with local employers.


After an assessment of employment history and career goals, clients are placed on a customized training path. Elements of the program include software training, resume building and job interview coaching.

student working alongside plant employee breaking paper in manufacturing facility

The purpose of The Lighthouse Employment Services Program is to facilitate its blind and visually impaired clients in successful attainment, retention, or upward mobility in competitive employment. This goal is achieved through two simultaneous focuses – Client Capabilities and Employment Opportunities


Various training areas are determined by an individual’s goals, current skills and any gaps that exist. Specific trainings geared toward technology, soft skills, transportation, and more are designed to equip clients with the skills, abilities, and confidence to thrive in the workplace.


Let’s Connect!

If you or someone you know would benefit from the program, or if your company is interested in partnering with East Texas Lighthouse to provide employment opportunities to the blind or visually impaired, we want to hear from you!


For details, eligibility requirements and more information, please contact Amy Anderson at aanderson@tylerlighthouse.org or by calling 903-593-3111.