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We believe that when you combine eager learners with marketable skills, you find magic. Our approach is simple: Empower blind and visually impaired individuals to be efficient and proficient in the most widely used business software systems in the world while creating an inclusive environment, lasting professional relationships, and confidence to ensure continued success.

Assistive Technology Training


Assistive Technology Training empowers individuals of any technology skill level to fully engage in our technological world. This flexible course offers training on each user’s choice of assistive technologies and office applications. ATT courses are customized to a student’s starting skill level, learning style, and goals. Commonly covered topics include:









Bluetooth Devices

Braille Devices

Braille Displays

Keyboard Mastery

Microsoft Office Beginner-to-Intermediate


MOBI equips beginner-level computer users with intermediate technology skills. During this fast-paced, two-week, synchronous learning course, students master intermediate navigational skills, features, and commands in Microsoft Office Suite, Google Chrome, and ZoomText, Magnifier, NVDA, or JAWS.

MOBI is the perfect starting place for beginners interested in the ProMOTEcourse.


2024 Calendar

August 12-23

Assistive Technology Instructor Program (ATIP)


Qualified Assistive Technology instructors are vital for the continued success of those who are blind. The Assistive Technology Instructor Program is a unique opportunity for practitioners in this vital role to expand their professional capabilities in a formalized training program which is designed and delivered by AT instructors working in the field.


ATIP promotes excellence in AT instruction by developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of current and future instructors. ATIP is a fast-paced, four-week experience covering an extensive curriculum. In addition to core Assistive Technology concepts, students gain knowledge essential to their effectiveness as instructors such as learning theory, teaching strategies, and more.


Our ATIP course reinforces new concepts and encourages learning through hands-on application, small groups, game-based learning, and interactive activities throughout this synchronous professional development experience.


Since the origination of the program, almost 60% of our graduates have achieved career advancement of some type. All agree they are more equipped as AT Instructors! 

FAQ – Assistive Technology Instructor Program


Are there eligibility requirements?

Yes. Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent,  basic knowledge of Microsoft Office, type approximately 30+ wpm, possess strong problem solving skills, and pass the ATIP assessment.

What is the application and assessment process? 

Applications are accepted here.  Applicants will be contacted for both a written and functional assessment conducted via Zoom.

If I’m accepted, can I pick the date of the course?

Yes. If there is open availability in the posted classes, accepted participants may choose which class they attend. 

What is the cost?

$3,500 per participant.  Blind or visually impaired Individuals who are on a state vocational rehabilitation caseload are encouraged to discuss this course with their counselor. We do work with some state agencies and wish to expand. NIB affiliated agencies may be eligible for funding through a grant and can contact

What can participants expect to gain from the course?

Participants will gain an excellent knowledge of JAWS and Zoomtext, with techniques for teaching those who are blind or visually impaired. All will be able to confidently configure Assistive Technology to meet a wide range of goals, and use  a variety of help resources to maintain their skill level. They will learn how to create custom checklists for teaching students with varying goals, and gain organization tools for planning, implementing, and reporting their students’ training. After the course, all participants are able to teach both speech and magnification users.

Who do I contact for questions?

Contact Megan Aragon at 888.565.3852 or 



ProMOTE takes users with intermediate technology skills to the next level and prepares them for competitive, upwardly mobile, computer-based careers. ProMOTE is an intensive, four-week, synchronous learning course allowing students to master expert-level navigational skills, features, and commands in Microsoft Office Suite, Google Chrome, and either JAWS or ZoomText.


ProMOTE simulates a modern remote-work environment with a full-time schedule, hands-on and timed assignments, and continuous, simultaneous use of multiple office applications and web conferencing programs.


Please contact us at for more information or if you’re interested in taking the course!

AT Instructor Boot Camps


We’re excited to introduce AT Instructor Boot Camps beginning this summer for professionals teaching, working with, or supporting users who are blind and use JAWS and/or Zoomtext.


These fun, fast-paced, synchronous learning courses are four days long, and also include mock teaching opportunities. Utilizing Zoom we’re able to maximize the convenience for participants, allowing them to take the courses from anywhere!


JAWS – July 8-11

ZoomText – July 15-18


For more information, please contact us at

FAQ – ProMote


Is this course for various types of Assistive Technology users?


Yes. Speech/JAWS users, magnification users, and even non-AT users are all welcomed to apply so long as they are legally blind or legally visually impaired, and are intermediate level users.


What is the complete application process?


Applications are accepted here. Applicants will be asked to complete a two step assessment process including a written self assessment and a live functional evaluation via Zoom.


What is the cost?


$3,500 per participant.  Blind or visually impaired Individuals who are on a state vocational rehabilitation caseload are encouraged to discuss this course with their counselor. We do work with some state agencies and wish to expand. NIB affiliated agencies may be eligible for funding through a grant and can contact


Are there any forms of financial aid to help cover the cost of training?


Yes. If you are an employee of a National Industries for the Blind affiliated agency, you may qualify for a grant.  If you are on a state VR case load and would like to request this course, please contact us so that we may connect with your counselor.


Can participants choose which Microsoft Office Suites they wish to learn?


No, all participants follow the curriculum as is and will receive training in Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Will participants be MOS certified upon completion?


Successful completion of ProMote earns an NSITE certificate but not an MOS certification.


Who do I contact with questions?


Please contact  us at 888-565-3852 or email  Jan Lynch at or Megan Aragon at

Online Workshops


For professionals and teams with specific interest areas and full schedules, our two-hour online workshops are ideal. These interactive and hands-on learning experiences provide practitioners and professionals who use Assistive Technology with the tools, resources, and know-how they need to be successful.


2024 Calendar

Feb 9 –The Keys to Internet Navigation

April 19 – Google Vs Microsoft

Aug 9 – Braille Displays Vs Notetakers

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