TWC AT Service Provider & FAQs

East Texas Lighthouse is a proud Assistive Technology Training and Evaluation Service provider for Texas Workforce Commission. Here you’ll find helpful information, tips, and answers to frequently asked questions all in one location for your convenience. Please reach out by email or phone if we can help in any other

Meet the AT Team

Amy Anderson


Client Services Manager,

TWC CRP Program Director

Megan Aragon


Technology Services Administrator

Brittney Walters


Assistive Technology Instructor II

Jan Lynch


Curriculum & Instruction Administrator

Meagan Brooks


Activities of Daily Living Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

What services can you perform for TWC?


Currently, we have an active contract to provide Assistive Technology Services, including:


  • Technology Evaluations
  • Baseline & Post-Training Assessments
  • AT Training


All these services fall under Chapter 9 of the Standards for Providers Manual.

Referring Customers: How do I get started?


Check out the Refer a Customer for Services page for a handy checklist.


TIP! We recommend including three or more hours of training on the SA when you’re referring a new customer, so that we can perform a baseline assessment and do a little training with the individual during the same session and jump-start their learning.


TIP! ATU’s Training Guide (ATG) also offers training hour recommendations for each training topic. Follow this link to download the ATG.

Training Location: Do you train customers at their homes? Do you travel? Can you train remotely?


Yes! Our team members are ready to train in all circumstances. We are always open to discussing special circumstances, but in general we:


  • Train customers online via Microsoft Teams
  • Train customers at our Tyler facility
  • Train customers living in Smith County at their homes


Tip! Keyboarding training and Assistive Technology Evaluations must be done in-person.

Training Areas: On what products and software do you provide training or evaluations?


Take a look at the AT Training & Evaluation Areas page. We’re constantly updating our capabilities, so check here for the most up to date list.

Timeline: Do you have a waitlist? What is your turnaround time like?


Currently, our timing is:


  • Requested services are delivered at most within 60 days, typically in 30 days
  • Appointments are scheduled within 1 week of receiving a final referral packet
  • We respond to VR Counselors two business days after receiving a referral with either questions or updates about team availability and capability to deliver the requested services.

Fees: How much do your services cost?


TWC sets the rates for AT Training and Evaluations and posts these in the Standards for Providers Manual; see Section 9.6.