Assistive Technology Instructor Program (ATIP)

ATIP advances excellence in AT instruction by developing the knowledge,  skills, and abilities of current and future instructors. ATIP is a fast paced, four -week experience covering an extensive curriculum. In addition to core Assistive Technology concepts, students gain knowledge essential to their effectiveness as instructors such as learning theory, teaching strategies, and more. Our course utilizes hands-on application, small groups, game-based learning, and interactive activities to reinforce new concepts and encourage learning. 

Since the origination of our program, over half of our graduates have achieved career advancement of some type. All overwhelmingly agree they are more equipped as AT Instructors. 


2023 Calendar

         April 10 – May 5

         Aug 7 – Sep 1


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there eligibility requirements?

Yes. Applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent,  basic knowledge of Microsoft Office, type approximately 30+ wpm, possess strong problem solving skills, and pass the ATIP assessment.


What is the application and assessment process? 

Applications are accepted here.  Applicants will be contacted for both a written and functional assessment conducted via Zoom. 


If I’m accepted, can I pick the date of the course?

Yes. If there is open availability in the posted classes, accepted participants may pick which class they attend. 


What is the cost?

$3,500 per participant.  Blind or visually impaired Individuals who are on a state vocational rehabilitation caseload are encouraged to discuss this course with their counselor. We do work with some state agencies and wish to expand. NIB affiliated agencies may be eligible for funding through a grant and can contact 


What can participants expect to gain from the course?

Participants will gain an excellent knowledge of JAWS and Zoomtext, with teaching techniques for teaching those who are blind or visually impaired. All will be able to confidently configure assistive technology to meet a wide range of goals, and use  a variety of help resources to maintain their skill level. They will learn how to create custom checklists for teaching students with varying goals, and gain organization tools for planning, implementing, and reporting their students’ training. After our course, all participants are able to teach both speech and magnification users.


Who do I contact for questions?

Contact Megan Aragon at 888.565.3852 or