Blind KC man defies odds at Royals’ Labor Day game

Blind KC man defies odds at Royals’ Labor Day game


A Kansas City man who was born blind defied the odds and was able to fulfill his dreams, throwing the first pitch at the Royals game on Labor Day.

“I always thought that sports was something that was out of my grasp because I couldn’t see it,” said Cameron Black.

Black is not only defying the odds, but he’s proving that thought wrong.

“We’ll get the Royals someday, we’ll get there someday,” he said he hoped for.

He’s now making that dream a reality, being able to throw the ceremonial first pitch at a Royals game.

“I got the email from Jonathon and then I called Tom and I called everybody else I can think of to say that we’re going to the show we’re going to the big leagues,” he said.

Cameron’s story is one of determination and resilience — born blind, he’s never let that hold him back. He’s had the honor for the Monarchs, a ceremonial pass at Arrowhead… and even commentated a game for the NBA playoffs.

“I really enjoy my life to the fullest, I’m a very passionate man,” Black said. “I don’t let a whole lot of anything slow me down.”

Black said he and his good friend and mentor, Tom, have been practicing pitching for five years.

“He’ll stand up 10, 15, or maybe 30 feet away from me and he’ll just say, ‘Hey batter, batter, hey batter, batter. I can hear him so I just aim at the sound,” he explained.

All that work led him up to the moment he’d been waiting for. Cameron said he hopes he can send a message to other visually impaired or blind individuals with similar hopes and dreams.

“You just need to go for it man, you need to go for life, and being blind or visually impaired, you know it’s a challenge but that’s all it is. A challenge. It can be overcome, and it’s no excuse to not live your life to the fullest,” said Black.


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