Local groups help visually impaired students with essential life skills in Tyler

This unique opportunity is made possible through a partnership between Region 7 Education Service Center and the East Texas Lighthouse for the Blind in an effort to help students to make a purchase, exchange money and wait for their change.


The students are not only learning valuable skills but are also having a great time engaging with others. Addison Trice, a student at Caldwell Arts Academy, looks forward to this each year.


“It’s always very exciting because I get to hang out with people that are like me,” Trice said.


Trice, who is visually impaired, understands the skills she gets today will benefit her in the future when it comes to handling money.


“I can just look at either the number or the picture on any bill and see how much it is and be able to exchange cash quickly,” Trice said. 


It’s not just the students who notice the positive impact; parents are witnessing improvements in their children who participate in the program.


“I love seeing them get around independently and exploring the toys and asking questions and just seeing them smile and be happy about it,” parent, Enedina Jordan said.


After their visit from the store, the students headed to grab some lunch and buy gifts for their families

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